The new krm website and the most important changes at a glance

In general, the refresh was aimed at a modern design, bilingualism throughout, and a stronger focus of krm services on customer demand; customer value is our main driver. We have also sharpened the profiles of the krm service areas and narrowed them down to four core topics with a more concise description of our services:

  • Data Strategy & Information Governance
  • Privacy
  • Records Management & Archiving
  • ECM, DMS & Content Services

The certification business of digitization solutions was outsourced to a separate website to increase its visibility. Triggered by the sharp increase in cybercrime in recent years, this service has become noticeably more relevant.

  • Description of krm services in two fields of action:
    • The actual certification of products and applications according to GeBüV
    • Consulting and evaluation of solutions for e-billing incl. Certification
    • The basic offer is supplemented by the popular FAQ list for certification

  • Each of the four krm service areas is structured in the same way:
    • What expertise does the krm offer?
    • With which offers (tools & methods) are our customers supported?
    • Blog articles are linked to the corresponding topics and relate to practice
  • This basic offer is supplemented by references to our publications and a relevant technical glossary
  • krm events will only be announced via our newsletter in the future.

Visit the new websites and get started!


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