Data strategy &
Information Governance

Data strategy / information or data governance is the ability to create value and minimize risks, based on own and/or others’ data.
The competent handling of data, i.e. “smart” data management, represents the most important basis for the business success of most companies. Decisions are only successful if they are based on the correct, high-quality data. This applies both to proprietary data and to data created on the basis of algorithms (AI applications).


Comprehensive consulting and coaching on information governance issues

What is the role of data in your business strategy?

Do you understand your data? Assessments of your data literacy and your critical success factors.

Definition of your data strategy with goals for data governance, risk management, and information lifecycle management.

Establishment and maintenance of a program for the purpose of management and steering as well as analysis of the data.

Deployment strategy and use of AI-enabled services.

Awareness, change management programs, and training to build a data-driven organization.


Tools & Methods

We are happy to support you in the area of data strategy & information governance with the tools & methods listed opposite.

MATRIO Method®

With the Matrio Method®, the topic of information governance can be approached in a structured and systematic way. It consists of a set of methods to implement various information governance topics.

IG Self Assessment

A simple survey to self-assess and measure your data literacy.

IG Basics

The basics of IG are laid out in our practice guide.


All about data strategy & information governance

On 16.3. is Digital Cleanup Day

On 16.3. is Digital Cleanup Day

Tidying up is clearly not everyone's cup of tea, but we all know the good feeling that a tidy room, a tidy desk or ... a tidy drive! You can feel proud with a clear conscience, because deleting data also has an important effect on energy consumption. I have calculated...

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