Records Management & Archiving

Every organization needs dedicated responsibilities and an efficient infrastructure to manage business information throughout its lifecycle. Proper storage and timely destruction of business documents are not only legal obligations, but are also mandatory prerequisites for a successful digitization. Systematic record keeping (records management, document management) can therefore not be left to chance. It does not matter whether the documents are digital or paper. Records & Information Management (RIM) is of central importance in the intensively growing digital transformation and can only be managed and controlled via clearly defined accountabilities – in this respect, RIM is a key factor for enterprise-wide information governance.


Our services

We evaluate the status and maturity of your records and document management activities based on an assessment that helps you to identify the shortcomings (gaps) and to determine appropriate measures for action

We help to build and operate a RIM or Lifecycle Management program with the necessary working tools: Retention schedule, retention lists, taxonomies and filing systems

We support you in setting up and documenting the legal foundation for the retention requirements – not only for Switzerland, but also for several jurisdictions (internationally active corporations), where required

We document your processes and data retention, and support you in the design of new architectures (documentation of procedures)

We organize your data files and support you in cleaning up data and physical files according to our service: Data Cleanup (systematic and sustainable elimination of redundant, expired and trivial data (ROT))

We support you in (long-term) archiving, ensuring compliance with GeBüV / Business Accounts Ordinance (separation of archive data from the live systems)


Tools & Methods

We would be happy to support you in the area of records management & archiving with the tools & methods listed opposite.

MATRIO Method®

The MATRIO Method® (external link to MATRIO website) enables a structured and systematic approach to information governance. It consists of a set of methods to implement various information governance topics.

Assessments of e-mail management and e-mail archiving

E-mail: The perennial issue when it comes to HOW and WHY questions. Especially in the age of data protection, a clear strategy and a comprehensive implementation concept are needed.

The electronic invoice processing

The implementation of e-billing workflows is a challenge. We have the necessary know how and the required process documentation.

Data Cleanup Services

One of the biggest challenges of modern data management: deletion! For this purpose, we have developed procedures and methods that break down the complex problem into manageable steps and lead to a solution.

Data and Records Management as a Service

No dedicated records manager? You can also manage business records as an outsourced service. Ask us!


Everything about Records Management & Archiving

Records Management Pain Points

Records Management Pain Points

What are the sore points in data management or document management? What are the "eternal obstacles" that most organizations cut their teeth on? Most organizations implicitly or explicitly have a "records management system," by whatever term such a system is known in...

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