On 16.3. is Digital Cleanup Day

Tidying up is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, but we all know the good feeling that a tidy room, a tidy desk or … a tidy drive!

You can feel proud with a clear conscience, because deleting data also has an important effect on energy consumption. I have calculated the energy-saving effects of reducing data volumes in an article/white paper.

We are convinced that data only generates real benefits if the data basis is correct.

Far too little importance is attached to this aspect, and we want to change that. For this reason, we support efforts to reduce and/or delete erroneous data wherever possible.

“I welcome the efforts to reduce data volumes and encourage organizations and private individuals to join this initiative. ” Jürg Grossen, National Councillor and President of GLP Switzerland

The Digitalcleanupday.org initiative has taken up the cause of data erasure. As a frontrunner on the subject of data erasure, we are happy to provide information about this initiative. You can find our white paper and further information on this topic here.

And for those who want to know how to delete data methodically, here is our slideshow:




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