Data protection & GDPR

Data protection consists of information security, records management, of processes and technology, and of contracts / policies. Data protection is a practical application of information governance: Data protection is about knowing where personal data is located, how it is processed, protected and, if necessary, deleted again, and how the legal requirements from data protection laws can be implemented. There is probably no other field in which the interdisciplinary approach is as crucial as in data protection. We bring together technology, organization and contracts and ensure that you handle personal data in compliance with data protection regulations.


Our services

We assess the status and maturity of your data protection activities (Data Protection Assessment)

We take over the function of the data protection officer / data protection consultant for you (as a service)

We support you in implementing the legal data protection requirements (directory of processing activities, data protection management, data protection declarations, data processing agreement, privacy by design and by default, etc.).

We document your processes and data assets in compliance with data protection regulations.

We develop and evaluate CH/EU-compliant data processing agreements for providers and customers

Data erasure is our core competence: we support you in building this capability.


Tools & Methods

We are happy to support you in the area of data protection with the tools & methods listed opposite.

Data Protection Assessment

We offer a simple preliminary test, tailored to your organization, for initial measurement of your data protection capabilities, as well as comprehensive tools for a complete coverage.

K2PID Cockpit

Solution for AI-supported searching and finding of personal data


With LINEBACK, you manage your GDPR compliance with ease. Fulfill all documentation requirements and tasks of the GDPR in a systematic and efficient manner.


Everything about data protection

Dealing with data risks: Data breach notification

Dealing with data risks: Data breach notification

A data breach notification or "data breach notification" refers to the process by which an organization or company is required to notify the relevant data protection authorities and, if applicable, data subjects of a data breach that is likely to result in a high risk...

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