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Digitization and thus the elimination of paper are advancing. Customers expect businesses and governments to be able to process or provide data fully electronically. Document management systems (DMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) and platforms such as Microsoft M365 and Google are pivotal for managing data in the enterprise. Only with them can the high demands be met that are placed on the management of digital information today: Digitization, archiving and ensuring legal compliance. Information governance without ECM/DMS systems is not achievable.
We show you how to lay the foundations for successful digitization and how all requirements can be implemented in an economical manner. So that you can stay ahead of the game in the future!


Our services

Design and development of DMS and archive systems

Support with tenders (RfP) and product evaluation

Review of implementations regarding benefits and legal compliance

Product conformity assessments and certifications

Technical requirements and general conditions for data management when using M365 Compliance in the company

Assessing the potential benefits/business case and constraints for your company


Tools & Methods

We are happy to support you in the area of data strategy & information governance with the tools & methods listed opposite.

ECM/DMS Providers Switzerland

We maintain a list of ECM/DMS providers known to us that are active in Switzerland.

ECM/DMS Procurement - Workshop Offer

Are you unsure whether you need an ECM/DMS solution and how to proceed? We will help you in this matter.


Everything about ECM, DMS and Content Services

KRM Offer Portfolio ECM/DMS

We have expanded and redesigned our portfolio of ECM/DMS offerings. Considering the fact that more and more companies cannot manage their data with the existing on-board resources, ECM/DMS systems become of utmost importance. Keeping data in directories, in Sharepont...

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