Information Governance Guide
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First edition 2015
Main author: Bruno Wildhaber
with Daniel Burgwinkel, Jürg Hagmann, Stephan Holländer, Peter K. Neuenschwander, Dieter Schmutz, Daniel Spichty

We live in the world of data (over)flow. Never before has data growth increased so rapidly. This is becoming an ever-increasing challenge for many companies. Even SMEs today struggle with a flood of mails, and overflows of servers and data storage devices.

Social media do not stop at companies, but should you integrate their data into your own IT environment? At the same time, the question arises as to which data still needs to be stored in the company on premise or whether a cloud solution would not be a better alternative. These challenges are addressed to information governance. Information governance is the company-wide, proactive management of information in order to increase value creation and minimize risks. As part of corporate governance, information governance is becoming a strategic competitive factor. The ability to delete data in a targeted manner is becoming a key cost factor. However, in addition to the costs, the legal requirements must also be taken into account. Not everything that can be deleted may be deleted. Data and information are increasingly being used strategically and can provide the decisive competitive advantage. How to respond properly to these challenges? Who is supposed to take care of these issues in the first place?

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ISBN 3-9524430-0-2

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