Study: Enterprise Content Management / Document Management Services – The Swiss Market to 2020

ECM/DMS solution providers as well as potential customers face a variety of challenges. The procurement of such systems cannot be compared with the procurement of any other software, as these are not simple but complex projects (key words: digitization of workflows, complete change of value chains, change of established behavior patterns, perception of information as an essential and central, value-creating resource).

This means that very different factors have to be taken into account and evaluated during procurement. For the user, this means a lot of diligence BEFORE the actual product procurement. The provider must be able to identify the needs of the customers and adjust to them properly.

For this reason, the company MSM has launched an ECM/DMS study with our support.

The new study analyzes, among other things, the current market situation, users’ planned projects, key drivers and hurdles, success factors, project experiences, reasons for failed projects, legal certainty and compliance, vendor selection and evaluation, and quantitative market development (spending on ECM/DMS hardware, software, and services) for the next 2 years. The study thus also provides a basis for decision-making on the question of how ECM/DMS providers must be optimally positioned in the future.

To complement the study, KRM conducts customer-specific workshops in which vendors or users are instructed on how to optimally procure an ECM/DMS system.

Here are the links to the further information:

Link to the study

Link to KRM Workshop

KRM Whitepaper: How to Procure an ECM/DMS Solution?


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