Searching, indexing and deleting personal data (PID)

According to national and international data protection laws, every person has the right to know what data is stored about him or her and – if necessary – to have it deleted or corrected. Also in Switzerland, the amendment of the data protection law will increase these requirements. As a consequence, the requirements for transparency and the ability of the responsible companies and organizations to provide information increase as well. However, is it really so easy for data-storing companies to find this data and make it accessible within a very short period of time? Anyone familiar with today’s heterogeneity of data collections understands the challenges to implement such requests (cf. the Article by Jürg Tschirren, SRF in obtaining ones personal data from Amazon, May 2022).

You need to manage this process when dealing with personal data:

The PID Cockpit supports you in these tasks. Contrary to traditional approaches, the cockpit allows direct access to data bases in scope and enables the connection of a wide variety of data sources. It offers the following benefits:

  • Creating transparency in the identification of a wide variety of data sources (structured and unstructured) containing personal data
  • Creation of legal certainty, regarding the storage of these personal data
  • massive time and cost savings through automated retrieval of documents and records containing sensitive information of these individuals
  • Timely response to requests for information and requests for deletion

Therefore, the offer aims primarily at the following interest and stakeholder groups:

  • Data protection officers, Governance & Compliance Specialists as well as HR departments in medium-sized and large companies
  • The IT contact persons of the above-mentioned departments
  • Client managers involved in the management of personal data (sales, customer service,..)

General benefits of the PID Cockpit

The PID Cockpit gets adapted to the respective customer needs and can be integrated into the most diverse IT infrastructures

  • Openness: all data sources that can be accessed via a programming interface / API can be searched for personal data, regardless of whether they are standard software or proprietary solutions of your own making,
  • Customizability: the system can be tailored to recognize company- and industry-specific text types and speech patterns containing sensitive personal data
  • Flexibility: data formats and systems according to customer needs
  • Hosting according to client needs: the system can be configured according to different security requirements and can be hosted „on premise“ as well as „in the cloud“
  • Consistency and reproducibility: Traceability and reproducibility of the processes are elementary to ensure the legally binding nature (quality of evidence). This can lead up to the delivery of electronic evidence (covering eDiscovery procedures).
  • Automation: By replacing time-consuming, monotonous manual processes with automated AI-based processes careless errors are eliminated and the identification and extraction of information is objectified. In this respect, the results of the PID Cockpit are robust, reproducible and consistent.
  • Multilingual: The system processes documents in the main European languages, i.e. English, French, German and Italian.


The starter package

To identify your needs and the current maturity of your data protection capabilities, we have developed a starter package.

The PID Cockpit gets tailored to your business area, your document types, and your specific data-storage systems. In order to adapt the solutions to the needs of your company, we offer you a Starter Package , which allows you to prioritize and transparently quantify the suitability as well as the costs and benefits of introducing the cockpit.

Our Starter Package includes the following components:

  • Identification of relevant data protection requirements
  • Analysis of the current situation with regard to data storage and data lifecycle management of sensitive data / PID (document and information types)
  • Analysis of your Data protection management processes

Technical analysis of your system landscape with regard to data management and archiving (systems, interfaces, ..)

  • Preparation of a short report
  • Reommended process regarding K2 PID Cockpit
  • Implementation plan
  • Costs and time schedule
  • Benefit analysis
  • Contact

The starter package offers you the following benefits:

  • Assessment of your privacy capabilities to find and delete PID.
  • Customizing:
    • Customize the PID Cockpit to your initial needs
    • Further development on the basis of possibly changing requirements (e.g. changes in laws, changes in practices by data protection authorities)
    • Adding additional delivery systems and data storages-
  • Budgetability:
    You can transparently budget future costs for development and operation of the PID Cockpit,

Who is behind the PID Cockpit?

The k2 PID Cockpit is developed and distributed by krm and karakun AG.

Both KRM and Karakun AG can draw on a wide range of references in the areas of information governance, data protection, document analysis and management, and information closure.


About Karakun AG

Karakun AG was founded in 2018 and employs over 60 people in Switzerland, Germany and India. Core competence is the agile development of individual software for companies and organizations based on the Java platform and web technologies. Particular emphasis is placed on applications that support their users in their work in the best possible way.

The company advises and trains customers in technology evaluation as well as in improving their software development. Karakun’s software engineers, consultants and trainers include Java Champions, JavaOne Rockstars, book authors and university lecturers.

Karakun is a member of various committees and associations, including Swiss Made Software, SwissICT, SwissNLP, ASAM and Eclipse openMDM.

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“Mastering personal data is a must for the data protection practitioner. The krm not only teaches the theory, but also impressively shows which state-of-the-art tools can be used to locate and delete personal data.”

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“The event was characterized by many questions and an interesting exchange of opinions. The time flew by and there was a lively discussion at the subsequent reception. At the end of the event, a raffle was held among the participants to win an Information Governance Guide. I can only recommend the krm event and am already looking forward to the next one.”

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“A lot of practical know-how was imparted in a compact form and the best part – not only was the presentation handed out on a USB stick, but even templates for DPAs ” (data processing agreements)


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