Visibility and utility of IG programs for spec. Business functions and end users

James Lappin writes in his paper,“The strengths and weaknesses of the information governance approach to records management

“If one of the main strengths of the information governance model is the reduction in burden on the end-user, the main weakness of the model is a lack of clear benefit for end-users.”

Indeed, there is often a lack of visibility of an IG initiative or similar activities, regardless of the label under which business information is managed and directed.

The Senior Mgmt is in no doubt that this must be done in a targeted manner, and the KRM would be interested in the actions with which IT or a document management unit draws attention to their benefit for the organization. How do end users realize that information is not somehow managed according to the refrigerator principle, but actively and systematically?

It must not get to that point: i.e. every employee is also responsible for helping to ensure that governance initiatives are successful. It needs a combination of top-down with bottom-up (cf. MATRIO method)


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