The WG Fridge Blog Season 1 Episode 4: “Not Me – The Others Too”

Flashback: The poisoning at Easter triggered a wide variety of reactions. While some residents have almost forgotten about the issue, others are still highly excited and let the event reappear every day. Maria Locker has decided that it can’t go on like this. Until now, the shared apartment has functioned without any major rules or structure, and she now wonders whether or not this can continue.

The only organization the community has given itself is a bi-weekly meeting. Maria decides to call an extraordinary meeting to discuss the situation.

On a Monday evening, all the residents meet for a session in the kitchen.

Roger Lederer is conspicuous by his absence for the time being, he thinks it would be enough if the others would participate in the discussion. Mary takes him into prayer and convinces him to go along anyway.

After a heated initial discussion in which the question of guilt surrounding the poisonings and the consequences were raised again and again, Maria manages to reach a consensus. The primary purpose is to discuss how such situations can be prevented in the future. Immediately, a heated discussion begins about what role each resident should take and what each person’s responsibility is.

Sepp Serios: “I will not participate in a common refrigerator. Let everyone buy their own refrigerator and the problem will be solved.”

Roger Lederer: “I’m for it too, I’m going to buy one right now…”

Rita Ernst: “That’s unfair, then I want to be compensated for contributing to the common refrigerator.”

Raphael Studer: “Oh come on, we’ll buy a top-of-the-line refrigerator and all the contents will be scanned when we store it, including supplier and expiration date.”

Mona Geiger: “Are you crazy! I have better things to do than record food labels.”

Pierre Alors: “Mes amis, nothing much happened at all, let’s just leave it as it is.”

Mona Geiger: “Are you okay, I was in the hospital for two diarrhea-ridden days!”

Nadia Spring: “Shouldn’t we talk about what we’re trying to accomplish with this residential community and why it exists in the first place?”

Sepp Serios replies: “We are not sitting here to discuss fundamental issues or to develop philosophical treatises! The only thing we want is to prevent something like this from happening again. I want someone watching over the fridge right now and rapping everyone on the knuckles if they don’t toe the line. We can’t waste time, our WG is already getting a bad reputation.”


Question for the readers: What is the next step?

  1. There will be one person elected as “Master of Fridge”.
  2. A set of rules is established
  3. Nothing is done
  4. Your variant .. ?


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