KRM Offer Portfolio ECM/DMS

We have expanded and redesigned our portfolio of ECM/DMS offerings. Considering the fact that more and more companies cannot manage their data with the existing on-board resources, ECM/DMS systems become of utmost importance. Keeping data in directories, in Sharepont repositories or in the cloud has proven to be a dead end. The control of data storage requires potent systems that control and monitor data across formats. Modern ECM/DMS systems are becoming more and more powerful, the functionalities are large and for the user it is very difficult. to make a selection. If there are also high legal requirements, most users have to rely on statements from vendors.

For the reasons mentioned above, the KRM has set up a new advisory service. It includes the support of the customer in the new procurement, the legal as well as functional review of ECM/DMS systems and their selection. We create overall concepts for your data management and check implemented systems for their target achievement. We train and support you in choosing the right product. To this end, we prepare product overviews and research documents, write out tenders and monitor the market.

All further information about our services can be found here.


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