Information Governance Survey 2020

Dear Participants

The online survey Information Governance 2020 is opened. We kindly invite you to fill in the questionnaire until 30th June 2020.

Motivation und purpose of the survey

The Swiss Competence Center for Information Governance has been dedicated to this topic since the first edition of the practical guide “Information Governance” (2015). How can all aspects of strategic management and control of business information be implemented methodically and efficiently? Since it is well known that our business, and especially the digital transformation, is constantly in flux, we have decided to publish a second edition of the popular practical guide (planned Q1-2021). The results of the survey will be included in the basic part of the book and will be compared with the international situation.

The target audience of the survey are interested managers and decision makers in IT and business, as well as information and data managers who act as bridge builders between business and IT. The survey has five main areas, with five questions in each area. The questionnaire should not take more than 15-20 minutes to answer. The structure of the questionnaire primarily follows the IG concept of KRM according to which information governance is positioned between CONFORMANCE (compliance costs) and PERFORMANCE(value orientation):

Topic domainSubjects
1.   Management FrameworkLeadership, Organisation, Policies, Culture (change mgmt)
2.   ConformanceCompliance, risk management and information security, privacy
3.   PerformanceDigital transformation (artificial intelligence, analytics, process automation, cost optimization)
4.   Data managementServices for Lifecycle & Records Management, data quality, metadata mgmt
5.   Data OperationsIT Governance & infrastructure, Cloud, ECM/DMS


->> Your Chance!! Price draw

  • We raffle 10 copies of the new book “Practical Guidance Information Governance” (2nd edition) amongst all participants of the survey; we wish you good luck! (on request you may also get the book in form of an eBook)

  • All participants will receive the resultats of the survey as soon as available.


Deadline: 30.6.2020

Here you can start the survey :

->> English version: Click at least on one of the five possible answers or in case of not being able to answer the last one. Except for Question 3, only one answer is possible. For each question the answers are following a specific maturity level from top to bottom. Thus the fifth answer in the bottom always describes the  top maturity level of a topic / subject.


We thank you in advance for your commitment. Your great participation helps us to improve the quality of the survey’s statements and analysis. Your information will of course be treated confidentially. The results will be evaluated anonymously and communicated to the participants.

Many thanks

The KRM Team


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