Digitization and law

At many companies, digitization is at the top of the management agenda. How can your company take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and meet legal requirements at the same time? Does Swiss law hinder companies in the global digital economy? The presentation by Dr. Bruno Wildhaber and Dr. Peter Neuenschwander explores these questions. Please also note the report by attorney Peter Neuenschwander (SWICO, Chairman of the “IT Law” Commission) on the current state of digitalization in the field of legal standards & legitimization.

The KRM has many years of experience in IT law and advises and supports


  • in the design of their digitization solution,
  • in the selection of project partners,
  • when selecting cloud providers,
  • in the assessment of compliance requirements
  • in assessing the risk situation in relation to legal requirements,
  • in the design of directives, concepts, guidelines,
  • in the independent review of offers and
  • in the certification of their application.


  • in the legally compliant design of their products,
  • in the evaluation and selection of project partners,
  • in the assessment and certification of products.
Presentation SWICO Event Zurich April 5, 2016


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