Book extract IG 2021 (4): Delete data – use cases and challenges

Context and case studies

Since the introduction of the GDPR 2018, the targeted deletion of data has become an important topic in data protection. The krm seminar from Sept. 2021 has conveyed how successful implementation can be approached. It is clear that this requires an appropriate information governance framework. The new IG Practice Guide supports them both methodically and in terms of meeting the relevant requirements. However, the work does not only deal with the requirements of data protection law, but also shows the breadth and challenges when it comes to the controlled deletion of data; for example, when is it mandatory to delete data due to legal requirements? The guide primarily addresses the following two activity areas when it comes to deleting data:

  1. Deletion of personal data acc. GDPR: Chap. 4.13.3 (p.185) , which also includes the requirements concerning. Obligation to delete and the logical deletion of data (etc.)
    • cf. also chap. 8.8: Case study data protection, GDPR, and implementation in Switzerland(p.369ff)
  2. Data Cleanup: Clean and delete data, according to. the krm motto: Only those who can delete data can control their information in the life cycle! Anyone can save.
    • For more information, read chap. 8.6 with a case study (p.356ff): Cleaning and deleting data with semantic technologies

70-80% of the data is unknown, out of date or trivial (RED); at most 20% of the total is needed.

Read how the IG MATRIO Cleanup Method® can be used to clean up your data (see graphic, p.358)

Step 1: The first step is to find and roughly describe the stored files (” Find the documents we store ” ). The file depots ( repositories) must be identified and metrics collected. This may sound trivial, but it is quite challenging in cloud solutions and decentralized IT systems. (…)

Brief overview of krm Data cleanup Services


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