Assessments of e-mail management and e-mail archiving

What is it about?

The correct handling of e-mail is anything but simple. Recent examples in the press have shown that. Hillary Clinton has come under massive fire. She had handled business correspondence via her private e-mail address. The most recent example is a landmark ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The court declared a dismissal for private use of the professional e-mail address to be unlawful.

How do we proceed?

In a two-day assessment, we show you where your risks and gaps lie and what the measures for compliant handling of e-mails should look like.

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Update: Retention of business correspondence?

Business correspondence - retention obligation? Since 1.1.2013, Swiss commercial law has applied the principle that business correspondence is no longer subject to retention. What does this mean for companies? Which cases do you consider borderline and where is there...

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