Cloud Yes or No? Decision-making aids for management and the board of directors

The cloud offers a universe of technologies and thus new opportunities and risks. In no topic does the core concern of information governance manifest itself more: it is about topic networking. Faced with the supposedly simple question of what data one is allowed to take to the cloud, one is confronted with a multitude of considerations that are highly complex. In practice, this often results in a classic conflict situation: IT versus legal, security versus data protection, and so on. The overarching view is missing. In such situations, due to a lack of alternatives, it is often the management or the board of directors that has to make the decision. However, in order to be able to decide competently, well vrständliche and comprehensible documents must be presented. has developed such models over many years and uses them on behalf of boards of directors and management.

We advise executive management and boards of directors, legal departments and other decision-making bodies on the design of cloud deployment concepts, the assessment of risks or the balancing of conformance and performance needs.

A selection of our articles on the subject:

The “6G” of cloud governance; Mastering the cloud – which issues are important for enterprises?

The responsible handling of data (Good Corporate Data Governance)

Comprehensive basics can be found in the Practical Guide to Information Governance, 2nd ed.


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