The electronic invoice processing

Paper invoices are an anachronism of our time. Despite this fact, a large proportion of companies still process invoices in the traditional way, i.e. paper-based. There would be many alternative ways to carry out the processing in a safer as well as more economical manner. This is not about unmanageable and inefficient outsourcing to a low-wage country, but about the successful digitization of invoice processing. It starts with the use of a simple scanning solution and extends to the fully automated exchange of structured invoice data.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting for the development of an invoicing service (debtors/creditors)
  • Design and assessment of e-billing solution approaches, encompassing:
    • Definition of various invoice processing possibilities (scanning, structured and unstructured processing, use of invoice portals)
    • Evaluation of proposed solutions: economic, legal, technical
  • Assessment and clarification of the legal framework (contracts, technical requirements, SLA)
  • Risk assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Audit and certification of invoicing solutions according to the Business Accounts Ordinance (GeBüV) / VAT


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