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We are building our Information Governance storyline based on an experience many former students made. Sharing an aprtment also meant sharing the fridge and in today’s sharing economy, this concept is just being revived!

Ok, but lets go back to the good old fridge in our students apartment and we will realize, that with our fridge we had the same issues as with our daata in th eorganization:

  • Nobody knows, what’s in it
  • Nobody knows, how old it is
  • Nobody knows, who put it there
  • Nobody knows, whether it is still edible
  • Nobody knows, why there are 5 lemon yogurts in the fridge
  • Nobody knows, why there are only 5 lemon yogurts in the fridge

Pls make more funny examples!  Pls tell us more about your student fridges!

By the end of th eyear, we will have a small contest and give away 3 eBooks of our Information Governance Practitioners Guide as well as a DVD copy of “Freakonomics”  (data are like statistics, so be aware what information they transport..)



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