Swiss Information Governance Competence Centre (KRM) strategically partners up with the Semantic Web Company

The Swiss Information Governance Competence Centre (KRM) has entered a strategic partnership with the Semantic Web Company (SWC), the leading provider of graph-based knowledge technologies and the most complete semantic middleware platform on the global market. SWC is the developer, licensor and vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite, an innovative and enterprise-ready technology platform which helps organizations to manage their knowledge models, extract useful knowledge from big data sets and integrate both structured and unstructured content. PoolParty was first implemented in 2009 and is currently used by many different types of organizations around the world.

KRM is the leading provider of Information Governance services in German-speaking Europe and has been providing independent consulting in the areas of digitization, compliance and information management for 15 years. KRM has, at countless seminars and workshops, successfully introduced hundreds of participants to the secrets of Information Governance. Essentially, the use of PoolParty Semantic Suite as part of the MATRIO® Method enables and ultimately empowers the efficient processing of Data Cleanups, Data Migrations and cost-effective management of large volumes of data. As KRM’s motto states: “Only those who can delete data will master it”.

«Pool Party» is a Registered Trademark of Semantic Web Company (SWC)

Matrio® ist eine eingetragene Marke des KRM.



Semantic Web Company
Neubaugasse 1
A-1070 Wien
Kontakt: Mag. Georg Pfannl (

PoolParty® Semantic Suite:
Semantic Web Company:

Kompetenzzentrum Records Management GmbH (KRM)

Rotfluhstr. 91
8702 Zollikon

Kontakt: Bruno Wildhaber (

MATRIO Methode®:



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